Sunday, February 28, 2016

seeking God

(writings of my Dad)

I Sought for God

I sought for God along life’s busy highway
I turned and walked in Nature’s paths of grandeur
I sought for God in a great Cathedral
I prayed within a quiet lonely heart
Oh God I’ve found my burdened heart is free

I watch the throngs rush in a maddening pace
The glorious sunset, fragrant flowers at my feet
With awe, the building beauty filled my eye
The thoughts of earth came and pressed me hard
My sins forgiven, new life within the man

No time to stop and seek their Holy Maker
The pleasant valleys, the woods and mountain peaks
Majestic music strains did fill the air
Oh God forgive my darkest sins forgive
Oh wondrous God such love I do behold

No thought of God in life’s petty little race
I saw His works, but Him I could not meet
The pastor spoke of things beyond the sky
For I believe and hunger for Thee Lord
Touch me, use me in Thy Holy plan

I found him not, and none to help me there
I must find God, but then I knew not where
I worshiped God, but did not loose my care
I found Him then, beheld His countenance fair
I’ve found my God, His message I do declare

JW Smithwick

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