Thursday, February 25, 2016

life unfolds

My Dad loved being outdoors, he loved the dirt and he loved growing things.  So do I. 
(writings of my Dad)

Life Unfolds

Winter snow is gone
It’s Spring the robins say.
The soil is broken well
Morning breaks today.
Good seed is sown
In soil’s hidden worth.
A tiny sprout begins to grow
Unseen within the mellow earth.

The sun will shine
Showers too must fall.
The promised green appears
Answering a sunny call.
Growth unfolds a plant
Be it for days or years.
Once the plant matures
A blossom of promise appears.

Bees kiss the flower
And when the flower is done.
Tiny at first appears
The fruit, the reward begins.
And when the fruit is grown
Full, firm, and sweet.
Behold a seed enclosed
The circle to repeat.

JW Smithwick
August 5, 1965

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