Thursday, February 4, 2016

i didn't know

When I see dogs in fenced backyards, where no one takes time to play, it makes me sad.
When I see dogs never taken for a walk, where they never see past their own yard, it makes me sad.
When I see dogs tied up with chains, where they are ignored every single day, it makes me angry!  It makes me ask why, why do they want a dog in the first place?  Just chain them up, give them water and food, then let them be.  A solitary existence, looking around with sad eyes, just wanting to be saved.  I believe chains are animal abuse. I believe owners should be held liable for making a dog have such a miserable life.

This story says it all...(and yes, it made me cry)

"I Didn't Know"

I am a dog, a companion, a friend
I lived in a yard, but my chain had an end
I barked for attention, but it came to naught
I didn't know it was not my fault

The kids ran the yard, all I wanted was play
They ignored my pleas, not even looking my way
A dog was a token, something to be had
I didn't know how to say I was sad

The two legged ones had taught me mistrust
The chain felt so harsh and their rules were unjust
Their touch was like knives, as were the words that were spoken
I didn't know that my spirit was broken

One stormy night I broke loose from the chain
I ran far and wide to get out of the rain
I hid from the others in fear of attack
I didn't know how to find my way back

I just thought this is how it was
To be all alone, roaming ‘round because
I had to keep moving no matter the cost
I didn't know that I was lost

I knew I was tired and hungry as well
I hurt inside, but no one could tell
My matted fur hid the fleas and the ticks
I didn't know that I was sick

Some time passed, how long hard to gauge
I was caught, and then I was caged
Some new people came and they took me away
I didn't know I was saved that day

They gave me medicine, a toy and a bed
They taught me manners and would pet my head
The love was free and the food, it was good
I didn't know I could be so understood

We drove to a home, to a man tall and slim
I wore a leash and they gave it to him
They told me they loved me many times that day
I didn't know why they drove away

There were kids in the yard and they asked me to play
My whole life began right there on that day
They belong to me, and I belong to them
I am a dog, a companion, a friend."


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