Wednesday, January 20, 2016

wise words

Being in love is a good thing, but it is not the best thing.
There are many things below it, but there are also things above it.
You cannot make it the basis of a whole life.  It is a noble feeling, but it is still a feeling...
Knowledge can last, principles can last, habits can last; but feelings come and go...
But, of course, ceasing to be "in love" need not mean ceasing to love.
Love in this second sense - love as distinct from "being in love" -
is not merely a feeling.  It is a deep unity, maintained by the will and deliberately strengthened by habit; reinforced by (in Christian marriage) the grace which both partners ask, and receive, from God...
"Being in love" first moved them to promise fidelity: this quieter love enables them to keep the promise.  It is on this love that the engine of marriage is run:
being in love was the explosion that started it."
~CS Lewis

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