Tuesday, June 5, 2012

here kitty, kitty

We have some ‘neighborhood’ cats around here.  Under our storage building is the preferred labor and delivery room.  Then it converts to a nice, safe nursery.  They all have given names, courtesy of me and hubs.  Bonnie is the mom to three beautiful kittens (yet to be named).  Blackie (short for Black Panther) appears to be the father.  I have been putting food out for them.  Bonnie isn’t skittish, she appears when I let her know dinner’s ready.  I talk to her (from a reasonable distance) and she doesn’t run away.  Now she is bringing her kittens to eat.  Today, I only saw two kittens :(.  I can look at them, and they tolerate it.  But, unlike Bonnie, they disappear at the sound of my voice.  This afternoon I was on my stool working in the flower garden.  I realized I was humming/(softly) singing ‘Great is Thy Faithfulness’.  Both kittens kept eating.  So, I guess I’ll hum/(softly) from now on.

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