Friday, June 15, 2012

Christian doubts?

I read this devotion and thought I’d share:

What to Do with Your Doubts
by Bayless Conley

Being a Christian doesn't mean you won't have doubts. In fact, some of the greatest heroes of the Christian faith had doubts and crises of faith, one of which we find recorded in Luke chapter 7.
In this chapter, we find John the Baptist in an intense season of doubt and fear. He was in prison after being arrested by King Herod, and in his struggle of faith he asked of Jesus, "Are You the Coming One, or do we look for another?"
Yet through his struggle we learn two lessons that can encourage us when we find ourselves in a season of doubt.
The first lesson is to go to the right place with our doubts and fears—which is straight to the Lord.
The second lesson we can learn from John's crisis of faith is that in the eyes of the Lord, it's the whole journey that defines us—not just a single event.
And when you stumble, Jesus won't condemn you because of that one misstep. Even though some people may define who you are by one stupid mistake you've made, God doesn't. He's looking at the whole journey… and your journey isn't done.
So, my friend, no matter what doubt you may be facing today, be encouraged. Jesus is always there for you… ready for you to come to Him. And don't worry if you've messed up. He won't condemn you, but instead, He looks at the whole of your life!
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