Thursday, April 20, 2017

where are you?

The following was posted on Facebook by a church member:

As I looked around the congregation at church last night, I wondered why it was so much smaller than it was Sunday morning.  Of course, I know some people aren't able to come back & some may have to work, but I'm sure there are others who could be there, but just don't choose to come back.  This is discouraging to a pastor who is teaching or preaching God's Word.  Here is a poem that I wrote about this very thing:


When I look around the congregation
And I don’t see your face
I wonder what is wrong,
Why aren’t you sitting in your place?

Then as the choir comes in to sing
I look and you’re not there,
It makes me wonder what is wrong
Could it be that you just don’t care?

Why aren’t you here to worship God?
Do you not have the time to spare?
I saw you in church Sunday morning,
But Sunday night you weren’t there.

In our church congregations today,
There are just too many empty pews.
Is it because others see that worship
Doesn’t matter that much to you?

Written by:  R Westmoreland  
Date: January 4, 2010

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