Friday, April 7, 2017

more about grace

Grace. It’s a word that I read about and hear a lot. It’s in the Bible, sermons, poems, hymns, quotes, devotions, songs, and study material. But exactly what is it?  I guess the simplest definition I’ve seen is unmerited favor.  

Well, what is unmerited?   Since merit means earning or deserving something, then unmerited means not earning or deserving something.    
Then, there’s favor.  Favor is being given something good, like kindness or a helping hand.

So, when you receive grace, you’re given something better than what you deserve.

God gives us grace thru Jesus.  When He was on the cross, Jesus took all the punishment that we deserve and placed it on Himself. On that cross, Jesus gave us a relationship with God, something we can’t earn nor deserve. 

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