Thursday, April 10, 2014

that awesome place

The title of my blog – ‘Journey to the Summit’ – isn’t about a direct map from this life I’m living to my forever home in Heaven.  My posts can be about – quotes, poems, songs, memories, pictures, thoughts, stories, opinions, etc... 

I happened upon this poem, and thought I’d share.

That Awesome Place

Journeying, with faltering steps, into the holy place…

The closer I come
to the source of true holiness
the more aware I become
- of my innate tendency
to selfishness & sinfulness
- of the secret things,
which defile who I am.

And my heart grieves that
I break His heart, with
my insolence and obstinacy


The impurities I see within
are set in contrast to the
beauty of His perfections,
yet rather than pushing me away,
I am drawn closer, ever closer
into that awesome place
where grace is extended
where cleansing is effected
where life is exchanged
and I arise clothed
in a righteousness, not my own

Alec Depledge

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