Friday, April 11, 2014

It’s a cruel, cruel would out there

Beginning in middle school, I was relentlessly made fun of, picked on, talked about, laughed at, embarrassed, called names, etc.  And, if I couldn’t hold back some tears, that did it.  I was in for a mess of trouble.  Think I’d let a teacher know?  No way!

Back in those days, bullying was the kid at the corner pocketing Opie’s lunch money, a big kid on the playground shoving some poor scrawny kid to the ground, or playing keep-away with a little girl’s doll. 

These days, my life back then would be defined as a bullied kid.  Today, it has evolved into a monster.  I’m thankful there’s such a moving campaign against it now.  I’d like to think there’s some kid out there who isn’t being treated as I was.

No one deserves it...

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Anonymous said...

you're right. nobody deserves that.