Wednesday, February 5, 2014

from one end to the other

We had a visitor last night.  It was an enormous eye-opening experience for me. 
The young man came over to tell us about his work with the ‘The Jesus Film Project’.  The ‘JESUS’ film is a ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ.  It's based on the Gospel of Luke.  This film is reaching far and wide and people near and far are coming to Christ.  This film is reaching the unreached, in their heart language, and helping them grow.  The sheer number of people who fulfill the numerous jobs and positions to produce this film is staggering.

The ‘JESUS’ film has been translated into 1,200 languages (some are ‘tribal’ dialects) and has been shown in 200 countries.  The young man relayed several stories about producing the film, the effects on some who helped translate, and about those who were saved in the process.  It was awesome!   He shared other accounts about the film that were pure miracles from God! 

Then there was this other story.  An awesome story.  Somewhere in northern Africa, a jeep broke down.  There ‘happened’ to be a tree along the road they used for shade.  In the distance they could see a man running towards them and shouting loudly.  They figured they would be robbed at best.  But, no.  The man told the jeep guy, ‘You are the one in my dream!  You are the one to tell me the truth!’  But, that’s not the end of this story. When the man watched the ‘JESUS’ film, he told the jeep guy, ‘He is the one in my dream! He told me you were the one to tell me the truth!’  .....hubby, hand me a Kleenex....

But how can any single film reach so many people and touch so many lives?
It is the power of the Word of God in their heart language.  Amen!

This website tells it all:

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