Monday, April 8, 2013

it’s my life

Ever sat down and thought about your life?  About where you are in life’s journey?  About places you’ve gone and people you’ve met?  About precious memories or awful thoughts?  About what you’ve done right and what you’ve done wrong?  About words you shouldn’t have spoken and those you left unsaid?  About how much or how little money you have?  About what you cherish and what you despise?  About what you look forward to and what you dread?  About what you want and what you need?  About what gives you comfort and what you fear?

About what is important and what really doesn’t matter?
This is a partial list of what really shouldn’t matter to me:

not a big house
not a new car
not my 1200 count sheets
not a flat screen or hdtv
not my smart phone
not a laptop nor notepad nor notebook
not a kindle nor nook
not my watches nor rings nor necklaces nor bracelets nor earrings
not my warm fluffy throw
not my digital camera
not my morning coffee
not my cds nor dvds
not my wireless internet
not my photos nor photoshop nor games nor anything else on my desktop pc (Yikes! Yes, I said a desktop!)
not my blog nor facebook nor email.......

Not one of these things, not a single one, never not ever should matter to me!

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