Monday, June 8, 2015

no matter what, there is always hope

While studying loneliness in the Bible, I found an abundance of references in the Old Testament.  

Looking at the definition and the difference between being alone and being lonely - one has nothing to do with the other.  Being alone means you have no one with you at a particular time.  Being lonely is an emotion.  You can be lonely when you feel left out, when you have no close friends, when you feel isolated, when you feel no one cares.  You can be lonely even in the presence of others.

In the Bible, one example of loneliness is David.

In Psalm 25:16:
  • David was lonely
  • He was afflicted
  • He was suffering
  • He was in deep despair
  • He was devastated
  • He pleaded to God for mercy

In Psalm 25:21:
  • David could only turn to God
  • He prayed for protection
  • Protection with integrity
  • With uprightness
  • With honesty
  • He plead to God for mercy
  • For intervention
  • His only hope was in God
Feeling lonely, for whatever reason or circumstance, a Christian can always turn to God.  Only in God will you find true love and joy and comfort and peace and assurance and encouragement and guidance and strength.
Only in God will you find Hope!

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