Monday, June 23, 2014

o how He loves you and me...

I've always loved poetry, and I enjoy quotes as well.  I’ve written a number of poems myself, but I’ve kept them all to myself.  I look for poems that relate to my life as it is, my life like it was, and the wonder of what my life can and will be.  Some poems reach deep inside my heart to find the things I hold dear, some fill my heart with emotions of love and joy and peace, and some flow from my heart with a burst of feelings it can’t contain.  

I’m thankful for the multitude of blessings God has given me.  I know I don’t deserve one iota of His:
love and sacrifice and joy and goodness and faithfulness and compassion and justness and peace and grace and righteousness and mercy and forgiveness and loving-kindness and protection.

Here’s one poem I came across today and thought I’d share:


What would we become without God's blessing of love
Lonely, depressed, scared, angry and sad.
With no one to yearn for or get excited about
No one to turn to, to keep thankful and glad.

Love is God's gift from Heaven to Earth
To help mankind endure its tribulations and pain.
Without God's love we falter, stumble and crash
To the point we can't help but cry and complain.

God knew what He was divinely creating
When He made us to seek and need love.
It helps us to be less selfish, hateful and cruel
As He juries what we practice from above.

God's love is the only reason man still survives
Without it hatred, fear and lust rule night and day.
Love helps us become more considerate, helpful and kind
As for others we labor, worry, provide, protect and pray.
~Tom Zart

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