Friday, September 7, 2012


Feral cats are homeless cats, and most are born in the wild.  Others are abandoned or became lost. They are for all intents and purposes wild, frightened, and pitiful.  They get sick, they get injured, they get hit by cars, they kill birds, they suffer, they scrounge for food and water.  Even though I know of one neighbor who daily puts out food and water, it isn’t enough for every cat and kitten.

There is a Feral Cat program that spays/neuters /vaccinates/and return the cats to the neighborhood in which they were trapped.  They call this a ‘feral cat colony’ that depends on a caretaker responsible for providing the necessities.  But they face the same environment all over again.  I do not agree with this program.

There are many feral cats and kittens in my neighborhood.  Only the baby kittens are most likely adoptable, with some love and care and patience.  But, the SPCA has been full and the Humane Society couldn’t help and the many agencies and rescue groups and assistance programs and animal shelters are usually well over their limit.  It just breaks my heart. 

According to the ASPCA, these statistics are sadly tragic. 
Start with one unspayed female cat who produces three litters of 4.5 kittens in one year. Then suppose each of these kittens finds a mate and reproduces at the same rate, and so on for the following generations…all while the original female continues breeding, too. If none of these cats are sterilized, how many cats will you wind up with?
Year 1: 14
Year 2: 203
Year 3: 2,754
Year 4: 37,193
Year 5: 502,119
Year 6: 6,778,620
Year 7: 91,511,383

This needs to be stopped...

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