Wednesday, September 30, 2015

God's country

I love living in North Carolina. There's the beautiful beaches. The breathtaking mountains. And everything in between. 

My favorite by far are the Blue Ridge Mountains. Watauga County. It's a magical place. Breathtaking views. Songs of rivers and waterfalls. Surrounded by clear crisp air. 

Adventures abound. Back country roads. Peaceful riverbanks. Hidden trails. Family farms. Roaring rivers. Wooden bridges. Starry nights. Bountiful wildlife. Fresh mountain air. Tree farms. Cow pastures. Weathered barns. Powerful winds. Dirt paths. Magnificent waterfalls. Old home places. Dense fog. Country stores. Colorful views. Bright sunlight. Pure exhilaration. And awe. 

Some of my favorite moments...
watauga county, nc: sketched

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