Saturday, March 7, 2015


Many years ago, I came across Susan Polis Schutz thru her greeting cards with BlueMountain Arts.  Much later, I found we had something in common: depression.  Everyone is different, but one can relate to another at many levels.  She has written several books on the subject. 
These are a few of her quotes:

# It's often difficult for those who are lucky enough to have never experienced what true depression is to imagine a life of complete hopelessness, emptiness and fear.

# Through my own struggles with depression, I discovered that knowledge, therapy, medication and education can provide the strength to get through it in one piece.

# Getting better from depression demands a lifelong commitment. I've made that commitment for my life's sake and for the sake of those who love me.

# My own life was filled with so much love and joy that when depression struck, it was like a prison door slamming shut and I was being placed in an isolation cell. No one else could possibly be feeling what I was. I hated my depression and all of its symptoms.

# Spreading the word about depression is my mission. I am working to build awareness, educate people about the symptoms, and change public opinion and individual attitudes about depression.

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