Friday, December 5, 2014

funny friday

what kids say... (as told by their Mommy):

This morning ‘Ladybug’ was playing with Play-Dough and rolling the dough to makes snakes.  She kept calling them “sneaky snakes” which I just thought was too cute.  After awhile she began telling me about Adam and Eve and the Sneaky Snake.  I was knocked off my feet! I asked sweet 'Ladybug' where she had learned the story of Adam and Eve and the Sneaky Snake.  She titled her head to the side, looked like I must be joking with her and said, “In the Bible, mom.”

‘Doodlebug’ was crying from his bed while I was snuggling ‘Stinkbug’ on the couch before bed, and I said, "I'm gonna go check on ‘Doodlebug’..."  ‘Stinkbug’ jumped up and said, "I'll check on ‘Doodlebug’ and ran out of the room.  One minute later he came back (I could still hear ‘Doodlebug’ crying) and said, ‘Doodlebug’ doesn't have self-control."

Right after telling the kids I didn't have money for ice cream today...  ‘Ladybug’: (Pointing at an ATM) Look there's a piggy bank! You can get some money!

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