Tuesday, January 6, 2015

feather facts

dark-eyed juncos

This little bird is a ‘flashy’ sparrow.  Throughout the seasons, the Dark-eyed Junco has extremely variable markings.  Their bright white tail feathers flash in flight.  But, I can easily identify them by the most adorable and cutest little pink beak.  Pink.  I rather like that.

These are birds of the ground.  Typically, they feed from the ground in forests, under shrubs and trees, and even venture out onto lawns searching for fallen seeds.  It seems mine get plenty to eat both on the ground and on the deck.  They clean up scatter from sloppy birds and messy squirrels.  Very helpful and very cute.  At least my Dark-eyed Juncos are incredibly neat.  Some may consider it a thankless job, but not me.

It can be rather difficult for me to get a high quality picture because these little birds with pink beaks flit around faster than the shutter speed on my camera.  I really enjoy watching the Dark-eyed Juncos as they carry out their day-to-day activities.  And, yes, I rather like their little cute pink beaks.

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