Wednesday, July 16, 2014


I love tapestries and I’m fascinated with how they’re made.  The colors, the threads, the patterns, and the beauty of the finished, unique work of art.  One of my Pinterest boards is titled ‘Christian / threads woven into the tapestry of a Christian life...’  This board is a conglomeration of quotes, songs, bits of wisdom, expressions of love, praises, prayers, thoughts, promises...’

There are innumerable threads in the life of a Christian.  At the beginning point, I was a teenager.  I accepted Jesus as my Savior and was baptized.  I had always been in church, but then I saw things in a different light.  I had read and studied my Bible, I had read and studied my Sunday School lessons, I had been involved in a girl’s mission group, and I had participated in youth activities, but, it felt different.

Between then and now, a lot of life has happened.  In the last 36 years or so, I’ve learned, I’ve grown, I’ve obeyed, I’ve backslidden, I’ve drifted, and I’ve sinned.  The first threads of my tapestry were new and bright and strong.  Now, many sections are one huge ugly mess.  With God’s gift of grace, with His guidance, and with His forgiveness, I have hope and faith and trust that more new and bright and strong threads will be woven into my tapestry.

The quote below is a beautiful depiction of the tapestry of life.

The tapestry of life continues to be woven.  Occasionally a chance arises to repair an older, tattered piece of the weave.  Something happens to jolt our awareness back in time to an event that resulted in tears and rips.  With new, more mature vision, we see the circumstances in present time and have compassion for the unclear events of the past.  While the new experience is being woven into the design, the old rip is simultaneously being repaired.  All is well.
~Bessie Senette

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